this year has been a whirlwind, and december always brings my heart to a happy pitter.

i have learned about people this year,

and that we are alike in more ways than we are different;

and that letting go is easier than holding on.

i’ve learned that i don’t need to respond to people who bring tension to my heart; because if there’s one thing i now understand it is that my heart knows what’s right before my brain understands.

i’ve learned that my emotions and my desires matter.

i matter.

i’ve learned that the people near you need to be held and loved, because words are just words and actions will always say more.

when in doubt hug it out. the people i love will not be around forever; and when i feel terminal end of a hug i hold on a few second longer.

those extended moments are refuge and hope, moments steeped in restoration.

nothing says  you matter more than not wanting to let go; you take up space and i appreciate every centimeter and ounce of your vast self.

the experiences, hopes and the details of your life matter.

and what a beautiful thing it is

to understand

that in the end we have shared experiences and

we belong to one another.



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